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Paradox (The Singles Collection) – 2CD Edition

Cat. no. NSCD009 (direct to fan release)
Format: Double CD
Year: 2022
Price: £13.99

Double CD reissue featuring singles, exclusive remixes and previously unreleased tracks. Originally released in 2009 as a collector’s box set.

Track Listing:
 (CD1) Paradox (Radio Version), Conceal The Face, Shifting Sands, Sunseeker (Radio Version), Fist Of Tongues, Half Way Home, Virtual Isolation (Radio Version), Somatography (Alternative Version), Smile At The Moon, Freaks (Radio Version), Voyager II (Urban Version), Change (Acoustic Version). (CD2) Light And Space (Radio Version), Long Way Home (Alternative Version), Turn On Tune In (Compound Version), Phenomenon (Radio Version), New Beginning, Round And Round (Acoustic Version), Mission Profile (Radio Version), Flags And Footprints (Acoustic Version), The Ravages Of Time (Live Version), Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams (Radio Version), Elusive (Radio Version), Safe To Fly (Acoustic Version).

Surface To Stage – Expanded Edition

Cat. no. NSCD008 (direct to fan release)
Format: Double CD
Year: 2021
Price: £13.99

Expanded double CD edition of the live album ‘Surface To Stage’ recorded during Threshold’s 2004 tour, featuring remixed and remastered audio, three additional tracks and an extended 12-page booklet with new liner notes and photos.

Track Listing:
 (CD1) Mission Profile, Ground Control, Freaks, Into the Light, Echoes of Life, Long Way Home, Opium. (CD2) The Art of Reason, Pressure, The Ravages of Time, Light and Space, Flags and Footprints, Fragmentation.


Cat. no. NSCD007 (direct to fan release)
Format: CD digipak
Year: 2018
Price: £11.99

Live album recorded during Threshold’s 2017 tour.

Track Listing:
 Slipstream, The Man Who Saw Through Time, Snowblind, Innocent, Stars and Satellites, Mission Profile, Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams, Hollow, Lost In Translation, Small Dark Lines.


Cat. no. NSCD004 (direct to fan release)
Format: CD
Year: 2004
Price: £11.99

A collection of previously unreleased songs, remixes and new recordings.

Track Listing:
 Static (Alternative Version), Endless Sea, Fragmentation (Radio Version), Ground Control (Acoustic Version), The Latent Gene (Uncut Version), Torn To Shreds, Forever (Acoustic Version), Light And Space (Radio Version), Surface To Air (2004 Version), Opium (Synthetic Remix).

Wireless (Acoustic Sessions)

Cat. no. NSCD003 (direct to fan release)
Format: CD
Year: 2003
Price: £11.99

Acoustic versions of Threshold songs including two previously unreleased tracks composed before the band signed their first recording contract.

Track Listing:
 Fragmentation, Consume To Live, Seventh Angel, The Sheltering Sky, Part Of The Chaos, Innocent, Falling Away, Conceal The Face, Lovelorn, Narcissus.


Black cotton shirt with silver/grey front print.
Price: £14.99


Legends World Tour T-shirt

Black cotton T-shirt with front and back print featuring all 2017-2019 tour dates.
Price: £18.99

(Only XXL size left in stock)


Band Photo Long Sleeve Shirt

Black cotton shirt with front print
Price: £19.99

(Only S size left in stock)