We’re very happy to announce that we’re doing a limited run reissue of Threshold’s first ever direct-to-fan CD ‘Decadent’, originally released in 1999. It’s available to pre-order now from while stocks last.

Thank you to everyone who voted for which direct-to-fan album we should reissue first. It was a close vote and you essentially wanted all of them, so we’re going to release them in chronological order. Although many of the tracks on ‘Decadent’ have since been released as bonus tracks on later albums, there are still some rarities on there which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Threshold’s direct-to-fan CDs were designed to sit alongside the band’s official studio albums, providing concert recordings, deep cuts and rarities that were not available on the studio releases. They included ‘Decadent’ (1999), ‘Concert In Paris’ (2002), ‘Wireless – Acoustic Sessions’ (2003), ‘Replica’ (2004), ‘Surface To Stage (2006)’, ‘Paradox – The Singles Collection’ (2009) and ‘Two-Zero-One-Seven’ (2018).

The full ‘Decadent’ track list is: Virtual Isolation (Radio Version), Intervention (1999 Remix), Sunseeker (Radio Version), Voyager II (Urban Version), Devoted (Fan Club Remix), Change (Unplugged), Mother Earth (1999 Remix), Exposed (Radio Version), Lost (Japanese Bonus Track), Into The Light (1999 Remix), Paradox (Club Mix), He Is I Am (Drum & Bass Version).

You can pre-order ‘Decadent’ from