• Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams
    Paradox (The Singles Collection)
    2009 (box set)

    1. Paradox (radio version)
    2. Conceal The Face
    3. Shifting Sands

    1. Sunseeker (radio version)
    2. Fist Of Tongues
    3. Half Way Home

    1. Virtual Isolation (radio version)
    2. Somatography (alternative version)
    3. Smile At The Moon

    1. Freaks (radio version)
    2. Voyager II (urban version)
    3. Change (acoustic version)

    1. Light And Space (radio version)
    2. Long Way Home (alternative version)
    3. Turn On Tune In (compound version)

    1. Phenomenon (radio version)
    2. New Beginning
    3. Round And Round (acoustic version)

    1. Mission Profile (radio version)
    2. Flags And Footprints (acoustic version)
    3. The Ravages Of Time (live version)

    1. Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams (radio version)
    2. Elusive (radio version)
    3. Safe To Fly (acoustic version)