Threshold are back on stage next week for two huge Summer festivals.

The band will perform at Masters Of Rock in Vizovice, Czech Republic on Thursday 14 July, followed by Bang Your Head in Balingen, Germany on Saturday 16 July.

Threshold have just returned from tour where they performed their latest studio album ‘For The Journey’ in its entirety along with a selection of classics and old favourites.

Thank you so much to Spheric Universe Experience, Damnation Angels, David, Toby, Chris, Peer, Laudi and all our amazing fans for such a wonderful tour.

Threshold will be back for Artrock Festival in Germany on 2 April.

Threshold’s new live album ‘European Journey’ is out now. The album was recorded at various venues across Europe during November 2014. It contains 15 live songs and is available as a double CD digipak or download.

‘European Journey’ tracklist

CD1: 01. Slipstream 02. The Hours 03. Liberty Complacency Dependency 04. Ground Control 05. Unforgiven 06. Long Way Home 07. Part Of The Chaos 08. Coda

CD2: 01. Watchtower On The Moon 02. Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams 03. Lost In Your Memory 04. Mission Profile 05. The Box 06. Turned To Dust 07. Ashes

Threshold announced the release of their new live album ‘European Journey’ back in August and today the band are premiering the second track from their new offering.

Shot by fans across various venues in Europe and the United States, the video for ‘Lost In Your Memory’ is now premiering online and can be seen here.

‘European Journey’ will be in stores on November 13th. Order your copy here: